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H&M Social Media Plan – Tiffany Quach
H&M Social Media Plan

H&M Social Media Plan

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For my Internet Advertising and Promotion Communications class, my group and I chose H&M as our hypothetical client. We had to observe their Facebook content and see which gained the most and least likes and why. We also observed two of their competitors’ fanpages, Forever21 and Zara. With all the insight gathered, we were then able to determine H&M’s SWOT and create content recommendations for their Facebook fanpage.

Based on the data that we collected, we recommended five things:

  • Supply followers with diverse, unexpected and engaging content
  • Use less promotional and discount related posts
  • Increase impact by synchronizing communication on the different platforms
  • Increase engagement through questions, posts, competitions, and games
  • Provide followers with backstage content to increase favorable brand attitudes and perceptions

With these five recommendations, we designed sample content that we believed would give H&M more likes and engagement with their fans.

  • “Get an exclusive sneak peak of the Summer of Love Collection. For every 1,000 likes, we will unveil a new outfit.”
  • “Put together your own summer look and be one of five to win your outfit for free.”
  • “Not in New York this week? Don’t worry, we are live streaming from H&M’s fashion show at the New York Fashion Week”
  • “Want the inside scoop on how designers work on collections? Take a look at how Grammy Award winning Madonna comes up with her concept for M by Madonna at H&M”
  • “Feathered chandelier necklaces – hot or not?”

Disclaimer: All H&M photos belong to H&M and their Facebook fanpage