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TimeFox – Tiffany Quach


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PRactical ADvantage Communications is a student-run agency at California State University, Fullerton’s Irvine Campus. I was the Account Executive for the TimeFox team, which consisted of three other teammates. TimeFox is owned by FunctionFox. It’s an online timesheet and project management tool for creative agencies. Our goal was to create a training program for current and future students. We had to make sure they understood the importance of managing and inputting their time and how it reflected the agency’s credibility to current and future clients.

We researched how to train our millennial generation and we learned that we needed to be hands-on, use visuals, and use technology. With this insight, we:

  • Conducted a hands-on training presentation for current students where we allowed them to follow along with us on their computers as we taught the program.
  • Offered additional training sessions for groups or individuals throughout the semester.
  • Created a 45-paged instruction manual for future students with detailed directions accompanied with screenshots of each important step
  • Recorded 14 YouTube tutorial videos so future students can see and follow our actions on screen as they navigate through TimeFox

We also conducted a survey of our current students to see how we could improve our training. Taking their input into account, we made sure that our manual and YouTube videos were very clear, concise, and easy to follow. We supplied the agency with a questionnaire for future students so we could measure our manual and YouTube videos’ success since we aren’t able to gauge it with current students (the tools were completed near the end of the semester).

Please feel free to visit our YouTube channel to watch our TimeFox tutorials.