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Wag On Social Media Campaign – Tiffany Quach
Wag On Social Media Campaign

Wag On Social Media Campaign


In my Social Media Marketing class, my team and I were to come up with a fictitious company. We decided on doing a dog supply company called Wag On. While we learned about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram, we only had to choose what we thought worked best for our company. Thus, we went with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

We determined our goals and objectives, target audience using MRI data, gave rational as to why social media would be beneficial to our company and our industry, provided a competitive analysis, created a communication strategy, determined our marketing strategy and posting tactics, and analyzed our metrics.

Based on our goals and objectives, we determined that the following communication strategy break down would help us achieve our ultimate goal:

  • 20% informative – we wanted to provide our audience, who were dog lovers, the latest tips on how to care for a dog such as grooming, training, and health through credible sources.
  • 40% entertainment – what is social media if it isn’t engaging? We created a game and created posts that would generate “likes,” “comments,” and “shares.”
  • 10% selling – since we couldn’t sell anything, we opted to provide fans with coupons on product when they were available.
  • 30% interaction – while we focused on building awareness, we also wanted to make sure we were interacting with our fans by responding to them quickly.

The “Guess the Breed” game was very successful on our Facebook account. Using analytic platform, Sprout Social, we reached on average 25 people, engaged around 5 people, got at least 2 likes, 2 comments, and had on average 21% engagement. This encompasses our game day posts, game result posts, and the final congratulatory post to our game winner.

Here are some examples of our posting strategies on Facebook.