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Who is the Brand? – Tiffany Quach
Who is the Brand?

Who is the Brand?

When a celebrity attaches their name onto a product does it make the product any more desirable to consumers? Yes, it does. This is true because consumers want to be like their favorite celebrities. Consumers always want to have something associated with people they aspire to, which could be their favorite celebrities, because it builds a connection between the two – it makes them feel closer to the celebrity. It also is a representation of status and that is why a product with a celebrity’s name on it is more desirable. Most of these products are very expensive and to have the money to buy them, for example, JLO glasses, illustrates the consumers’ fortune and class in society.

The product itself may cost a lot of money, but it may not be worth its price. A lot of the time these “designer” products are very similar to other products and cheaper brands. Also, there is the possibility that celebrities did not do much in terms of making their product – they could just sign off on the product and its concept without actually doing hands-on work. Having a “designer” tag may offer more value because it may take more money to make that product than those of cheaper brands and products. This makes the “designer” product cost more money and in turn, makes it feel more valuable to the consumers. However, most of the cost comes from the cost of production, materials, and labor that goes into making the product. But consumers do not seem to mind, because to them, it still is a representation of status to be able to afford a product like Louis Vuitton.

However, there are some celebrities who actually make their brand name products cheaper and more accessible to the general public. For example, the Kardashians sell their line, Kardashian Kollection, at Sears. Their brand offers clothes, jewelry, handbags, accessories, and home and bath products. Their handbags, while still technically “expensive” ($20 – $40+), do not compare to Louis Vuitton’s $3,600 handbag. I do believe that there are still people who would be willing to buy the Kardashian Kollection because they look up to the Kardashians.

Because of all of this, I believe that the individual is actually the brand and not the product. Celebrities work hard to make a name for themselves and that pays off when they create their own line of products. Consumers do not buy just the product; they buy for who it represents. If they bought for the product, then they would be comfortable buying cheaper and similar products. If they buy because of the name attached to the brand, then they are essentially buying the celebrity and what the celebrity has to offer. It is ironic though, because consumers want to be like a celebrity so they buy these “brand named” products, however, do the celebrities who attach their name onto a product even use it?

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