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TVXQWorld Magazine – Tiffany Quach
TVXQWorld Magazine

TVXQWorld Magazine

TVXQWorld is a fan-made magazine for the Korean boy band, TVXQ, that started in April 2009. It is part of the an international forum, OneTVXQ. Aside from just up-to-date news on the band and their memebrs, there are other editorials that help engage the fanbase such as sections on games, recipes, reviews, fashion columns, and interviews with fans. As of August 2013, there are 27 issues of the magazine, with about half the issues being integrated into the online reader so that it’s easier for fans to read the magazine.

I have worked on the magazine since it started as just a writer but now I am the Editor-in-Chief, a graphic artist, and a web designer. I have to opportunity to work with fans from around the world, mainly in North America, Europe, and Asia. Originally, I started as just a writer for two sections – TVXQ Review and TVXQChic, but has since then become the lead of four sections – TVXQ Review, TVXQChic, U-Know’s Gym, and Xiah R Us – and a writer in Hero’s Cafe.

From March 2010 to November 2010, TVXQWorld went on hiatus and that’s when two of my other friends and I started taking initiative with the magazine and came up with a new way to run it. When we revamped TVXQWorld in December 2010, where we created new sections, recruited new staff after many left, made the magazine layouts higher resolution, created an online reader, and we decided to release the magazine every two months, giving everyone more time to write their articles and for the graphic artists to design the layouts. This is when I also started to help with the design and layouts of the magazine. Furthermore, the three of us became Editors-in-Chief of the magazine where we oversee everyone’s sections briefly to make sure they’re following the deadline and if they need any additional help. We also implement themes for the magazine content and color schemes for the layout of the magazine. TVXQWorld launched a new interface on June 2011. Before, fans would have to download a file with compiled images, now they could easily read it online. My brother helped create the design of the homepage with a plug-in, while I coded the actual content.

I have also created a mock companion website for the magazine as a simple project for myself that has some of the article’s I’ve written.

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