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Written Work – Tiffany Quach
Written Work

Written Work

Writing for Advertising taught me how to write a proper press release, compensation letters, as well as how to properly format and write creative briefs, executive summaries, and situation analysis reports. This is also the class where my group and I did our report on the DeLorean Tire Company. A lot of the projects we did were based on reviving a brand or revamping a current brand.

Aside from just those writing assignments, we also worked on our final project where we did some crowdsourcing. The class worked together to create a Vegas themed cook book. Each of us created our own recipe page, designed it, and uploaded it on to I created a dessert, a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich with bananas. The chocolate chip cookies were the cards, which were covered in white chocolate and I used red icing to create the card facees, while the bananas were supposed to be representative of poker chips.

I have uploaded a few samples of my work. If you would like to see some more, please contact me and I’d be happy to share it with you.

Bad News Letter

Press Release

Howard Johnson Brochure